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Specializing in the Behavioral Health and Addiction Treatment Industries, Essential Recruiting Resources, LLC. is proud to represent clients all over the United States!  Click here for a list of our current opportunities and submit your application today!

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About Us

Company Values

Values are a like building blocks.

Integrity is an all or nothing characteristic and it is the cornerstone of our business.  Here at ERR, LLC. we are open and honest at all times with our clients and prospective candidates.  

A hardened and consistent work ethic guarantees we will leave no stone unturned while searching for the talent you need.

Continuous Learning and Improvement ensure we will never abandon the fundamental and effective techniques that lead to a quality hire.  Combining time-tested and proven methodologies with the latest and greatest in recruiting practices keeps our skill sharpened to the finest edge.  

Integrity + Work Ethic + Continuous Learning and Improvement = Your Next Hire 


Aaron Butler has 15+ years of experience in the staffing industry as well as corporate recruiting and human resources environments.

Shortly after graduating from the University of New Mexico with a Bachelors in Political Science and Economics he was recruited into the staffing industry by the largest privately held staffing agency in the world.  There he began learning the fundamentals that continue to carry him and his clients to success.  

Since 2003 his exposure to numerous processes, technologies and methodologies has enabled him to build a recruiting acumen centered around doing what works and throwing out what doesn't work. The result?  An efficient and effective professional Talent Acquisition Partner that knows how to hone in on the goal. 

Our Goal

Our goal is simple; to help you meet your goal. 

As a contingent healthcare recruiting firm  there are no up-front fees; we are only compensated if and when you hire an individual represented by ERR, LLC. and presented to your company.

Since we are a small firm there is no set fee-schedule.  We work with each client to determine a fee and terms that take into account your budget and the difficulty of your search.  We will not break the bank.